Feature release

  • watch_paths is no longer required for watch mode

  • documentation improvements

$ git shortlog -s v0.4.0...v0.5.0
    16       John Reese
     4       dependabot[bot]


Feature release

  • Feature: new --watch flag to trigger jobs on filesystem changes

  • Feature: new Job.show_output flag

  • Feature: config block [tool.thx.values]

  • Feature: new builtin “list” and “dump-config” commands

  • Fix: handle errors when building virtualenvs

  • Fix: handle Python versions with local patches (3.8.6+)

  • Fix: support for Windows cmd prompt

$ git shortlog -s v0.4.0a1...v0.4.0
     9       John Reese


Alpha release

  • Implemented ‘list’ and ‘dump-config’ commands

  • Added --watch mode

  • Added job.show_output flag

  • Support for Windows cmd.exe

$ git shortlog -s v0.3.0...v0.4.0a1
    25       John Reese
    11       dependabot[bot]


Feature release

  • Better CLI presentation of jobs and results using Rich (#14)

  • New option --live to skip version detection (#15)

  • Better tracking of runtime versions available (#15)

  • Fixed benchmarking on Windows due to lack of time precision

$ git shortlog -s v0.2.0...v0.3.0
     8       John Reese


Alpha release

  • Essential configuration structure

  • Run jobs in separate contexts/virtualenvs in parallel

  • Mark jobs as run once, or run all steps in parallel

  • See stdout/stderr from failed jobs

  • Get overall failure status

  • Basic wall clock benchmarking

  • Reuse virtualenvs when possible

See pyproject.toml for example job specs.

$ git shortlog -s v0.1.0...v0.2.0
    16       John Reese
    10       dependabot[bot]


Initial release

  • Basic implementation of configuration, contexts, and job running

$ git shortlog -s v0.1.0
    37       John Reese
     2       dependabot[bot]